High Impact: Women in Leadership

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About this programme:

When women succeed in business, they have one thing in common, strong leadership. The High Impact: Women in Leadership programme focuses on developing leadership practice and gives women leaders the tools to increase their leadership impact and visibility in a predominantly male environment.

This is a leadership programme for female executives and senior managers with a strong focus on establishing influence and authority and translating this into value for their organisation. This programme is also aimed at individuals who are earmarked as women leaders within an organisation. Their skills and competencies are addressed in order to enable them to develop a strong foundation for effective leadership.

The purpose of this programme is to equip female leaders with the necessary skills and competencies required to lead and manage effectively. The programme will focus on developing leadership skills and styles, managing teams and motivating participants to achieve their organisational objectives.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Develop self-reflection and self–assessment skills (in terms of respective leadership practice as an individual and taking your organisation to higher levels of profitability and sustainability)
  • Enhance team effectiveness by analysing team composition, leveraging information sharing (technology), and resolving leadership issues
  • Differentiate gender issues and organisational issues in your context through working with a group of executive women leaders experiencing similar challenges
  • Interpret the subtle messages of power, political correctiveness, responsible leadership and governance in global business and recognise and react to the organisational impact of diverse management styles
  • Develop skills as a negotiator and grasp the complicated dynamics of successful negotiations

Key focus areas:

  • Challenges of global leadership in a modern organisation
  • Understanding personality types for team development and optimising performance (creating and maintaining resilience and well-being as a female leader)
  • Mentorship and coaching (Team and Self)
  • Preparing to become ‘board ready’
  • Managing the environment, creating leadership capability and managing skills
  • Women in Leadership

Who should attend:

Female business executives at senior leadership level

Entrance requirements:

An undergraduate degree or recognised prior learning


Three Days

Start Date Programme Fee
13th August 2024 R15 143
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning