Customised Programmes

UEL also provides customised in-house programmes for clients, uniquely designed to meet specific development needs across public and private sectors, including Management and Leadership development programmes, and niche offerings in areas such as Occupational Therapy, Monitoring and Evaluation, Renewable Resources (Water and Energy) and Work Readiness (new entrants to the workplace).


UEL will continue to introduce relevant and innovative programmes to address your needs. Should you wish to meet and discuss your training and development needs, or wish to have a programme specially designed for your organisation, please contact us on +2731-260 1234 or email any of our colleagues:


Sarah Haffenden (

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Examples of Customised Courses:


Leadership and Good Governance

Councillors and traditional leaders receive training on this year long programme, in contemporary theories of leadership, unlocking their potential and awakening their desire to grow as African Leaders. Building on this foundation, is the Advanced Programme in Leadership and Good Governance, which provides formal access (carrying 80 credits) to the Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Emerging Managers Programme

New and Emerging Managers are tasked with the responsibility of managing a team to achieve results for the first time. They have to navigate a new environment, having moved past technical task based familiarity to managing others. The purpose of this programme is to take delegates through the fundamentals of management, addressing competencies required for effective management and covering everything from the functional competencies required of a manager, to the more process orientated people management. This practical 8 week course is aimed at individuals who are earmarked as future leaders/managers in an organisation, or individuals who have recently been promoted to management level and are now having to navigate a new landscape.

Contracts Management

This course aims at developing critical skills in delegates involved in the procurement process. Skills from understanding and managing contracts to utilising pricing models to select the best service providers. Managing contract performance and developing performance based contracts. Conducting a department specific needs analysis and using that data in the decision making process. Using research methods to develop specifications and understanding the different types of contracts and drawing up effective contracts. This course will develop the essential financial and legal skills in delegates to better equip them in the decision making process and management of tenders.

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