Coaching for Managers

About this programme:

Coaching is a tool/technique that enhances a manager’s performance and therefore the coachees’ performance, and ultimately the organisation’s performance. This short programme will equip delegates with coaching techniques to allow them to coach staff and to enable them to create a coaching culture within their environment.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

Develop an understanding, appreciation and application, as in the latest research in the field, of a coaching approach to leadership/management enhancement and development in a range of practical workshop situations.

Key focus areas:

  • Styles of leadership/styles of management
  • What is coaching? What is mentoring?
  • Soft skills for hard results
  • Successful managers communicate successfully: thinking, listening, questioning (the coaching model)
  • GROW (goal; reality; options; will to act – Sir John Whitmore)
  • The concept and practice of the ‘manager-coach’: action to reflection
  • Resolving a dilemma (race, gender, culture bias)
  • Time Management (20:80 priorities; delegation, meetings)
  • You and your team: motivation, shared values, shared goals
  • Team dynamics
  • Coaching your team through change
  • Performance appraisal
  • Learning transfer (ROI, ROE, MBTI, Kirkpatrick 4-Level Evaluation)

Who should attend:

Line managers at public, private and academic institutions

Entrance requirements:

This programme is suitable for practising line managers who have been selected by their institution/organisation. Delegates should have a minimum of a year’s experience as a line manager.


Three Days

* This programme is only available for a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates

Date(s) Programme Fee
Available on Request The programme fee will be determined based on the requirements
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning