Global Supply Chain Management (Focus on Business Risk)

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About this programme:

Today’s volatile business landscape is punctuated by significant risk factors and events. Each of these factors presents a legitimate threat to the efficient and effective operation of supply chains. The range of potential risks and disruptions to retailers, manufacturers, transportation carriers, and all others involved in the supply chains of goods and services is almost immeasurable.

This six-week online programme is aimed at helping organisations and individuals develop their supply chain risk management capabilities through understanding the key elements of supply chain risk, being able to assess the severity and probability of risk events, and being better prepared to mitigate and manage risks as they occur. Detailed approaches, tools and techniques for risk assessment, preparedness and mitigation are included throughout the programme and a framework is incorporated in the programme for risk assessment, mitigation, and management. Attendees will receive a comprehensive set of risk management tools and resource materials including articles, book excerpts, a corporate risk maturity self-assessment tool and a company supply chain risk exposure self-assessment tool.

How you will benefit:

  • Learn how to scan the horizon for red flags in business and supply chain conditions to protect your organisation from disruptive events
  • Broaden your perspective to better understand your organisation’s vulnerabilities
  • Gain hands-on risk management expertise in areas such as resiliency planning, prevention, crisis management, and recovery
  • Gain effective communication and messaging frameworks when your organisation’s reputation is on the line
  • Be able to carry out a detailed company risk assessment and develop mitigation plans
  • Cultivate a resilient, high-performing organisation in times of uncertainty and change

Key focus areas:

  • Supply Chain Risks Nature and Impact
  • Identifying and Assessing Business and Supply Chain Risk
  • Approaches for Mitigating and Managing Business and Supply Chain Risk
  • Frameworks for Supporting Effective Risk Management
  • Managing Business and Supply Chain Risk Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Planning for and Implementing a Risk Management Programme

Who should attend:

Any senior leader who is responsible for making high-stakes decisions to protect, prepare, or move their organisation ahead. Executives from all industries and organisation types will find this programme beneficial.

Entrance requirements:

  • Applicant must have access to a reliable Internet line to complete required hours online


6 weeks (3 contact hours per week)

Learning Methodology:

Delegates attending the course are provided with a unique blended learning methodology which combines online access to subject content with real time engagement with facilitators, and the opportunity to add value through contact learning sessions, where feasible and appropriate.

Delegates will receive several valuable additional benefits including case studies, white papers and current research materials, as well as articles and book chapters and excerpts written by the lecturers. Delegates will also receive a structured company risk self-assessment tool that can be used to determine the risk profile of individual companies and for the development of risk mitigation plans.

Start Date Programme Fee
1st June 2022 R9 500
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning