Microsoft® Office Excel® Basic

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Key Focus Areas:

Getting to know Excel
• Learn how to work your way around Excel, its Backstage, Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon bar

Understanding OneDrive
• Learn how to use your Microsoft Account and OneDrive

Creating and Opening Workbooks
• Learn how to open existing workbooks
• Create new Workbook using Microsoft templates

Saving and Sharing Workbooks
• Understand how to save your workbooks and share them with other people

Moving around in Excel
• Learn how to move your cursor using the mouse and keyboard

Cell Basics
• Learn how to insert and delete cells, drag and drop cells, use cut, copy and paste functions

Modifying Rows, Columns and cells
• Learn how to modify rows, columns and cells

Formatting cells
• Learn how to change the font size, colour and text alignment for that professional looking spreadsheet

Check Spelling
• Learn how to use Excel’s spell check function

Working with Multiple worksheets
• Learn how to add, delete, copy and move worksheets in a workbook

Page layout and printing
• Understand how to use Excel commands to control the way your work will appear on a page and prepare for printing

Introduction to formulas
• Learn how to create a simple formula using cell references

Absolute vs Relative Cell References
• Learn what is an absolute and relative cell reference and how to use them in Excel

Freezing panes and view options
• Understand what the freeze panes option does and how to use the various views in Excel

Conditional formatting
• Learn how to apply conditional formatting, modify and delete conditional formatting rules

Sorting and Filtering
• Learn how to use the sort and filter features

Entrance requirements:

Delegates are advised to have relevant programmes installed on their device in order to complete the training


One day

Start Date Programme Fee
29th May 2023 R3 550
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning