Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace

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About this programme:

The aim of this programme is to facilitate a structured response to an articulated need for the inculcation and practice of ethical conduct, behaviours and practices that are demonstrably consistent with, supportive of and aligned to the values of professional organisations as documented in their public commitments. There is an articulated need for senior managers and leaders in particular, to conduct themselves with demonstrable integrity in all their interactions among themselves, with employees and external stakeholder formations at all times.

Members of specialised professional organisations in particular tend to be engrossed in and fixated on competencies and outcomes that relate directly to their professional practice, often at the expense of their ethical conduct and the need to conduct themselves with integrity. This programme will serve as a platform from which professional practice can be enriched and enhanced through the development, up-skilling and multi-skilling of professional practices into better rounded and socially competent assets in their domains of practice.

How you will benefit:

  • Provide a forum (through discussion, practical exercises and case studies) for the review of typical ethical issues and decisions faced in the workplace
  • Promote a common understanding of the best ethical practices and standards of integrity amongst all staff
  • Ensure a clear understanding of the support and resources available

Key focus areas:

  • Institutional Values, Mission, Standards, Policies and Procedures
  • Theoretical bases and practical applications of Ethics and Integrity in professional practice
  • What constitutes unethical behaviour and conduct in different professional practical contexts
  • The role of the qualities of: honesty, morality, principled conduct and truthfulness in building and maintaining professional reputation, and institutional integrity
  • Effective communication
  • Monitoring and Evaluating, institutional ethical conduct and integrity reputation
  • Ethical conduct and integrity reputation risk assessment
  • Critical response and evaluation
  • Managing conflict

Who should attend:

The target audience will comprise of the most senior management to middle management staff within all departments

Entrance requirements:

A matric/senior certificate or equivalent with middle management work experience


Three days

Start Date Programme Fee
6th May 2024 R15 143
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning