Advanced Leadership Development Programme

About this programme:

Transformation is taking place globally within the Higher Education sector at an exponential rate. This calls for unique leadership skills to address the complexities, uncertainty and unique challenges to be faced, as well as embracing the myriad opportunities to enhance the capacity of universities to achieve their stated vision and strategy in the medium to long term. It is against this background that the programme has been designed, to ensure that a matrix global and local perspective is achieved from each of the intended learning outcomes of the modules to be offered. The programme is designed to prepare and equip executives for their professional leadership progression.

The aim of the programme is to facilitate positive and meaningful impact within the institution, within the region, and within the Higher Education sector in Africa and internationally.

Profile of Delegates:

Delegates will typically come from executive and senior management positions across both the academic and professional services streams in Higher Education and institutions that are aligned to the sector.


A diverse and accomplished group of academics and professional practitioners are involved with the programme. This brings both international and local expertise, to ensure that the thought leadership and content is current and relevant to Africa, as well as institutional relationships and articulation within Higher Education around the world. The programme is designed to be highly interactive and stimulating for delegates, to optimise the learning experience and the transfer of knowledge throughout the respective modules.


The programme is offered over three intensive modules, each of three day ‘block’ duration per month. The timing aims to minimise disruption to the normal working responsibilities of delegates.


  • Global Higher Education context
  • Trends and transformation in Higher Education
  • Unique perspectives: Africa and South Africa
  • Institutional, personal and professional leadership
  • Leadership and performance management
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic finance
  • Demand and enrolment management
  • The coaching dilemma


  • Teaching and learning praxis and technology
  • Professional staff development
  • Communication, including public and investor relations
  • Legal and ethical issues in Higher Education
  • Leadership and good governance
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
  • Building critical partnerships with stakeholders across
    government, business and the community
  • Disruptive change and innovation


  • Towards a research led university
  • Research in a global context
  • Leading quality assurance and developing a quality ethos
  • Major project management
  • Diversity and multiculturalism


Nine contact days

* This programme is only available for a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates

Start Date Programme Fee
Available on Request The programme fee will be determined based on the requirements
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UKZN Extended Learning