Microsoft® Office Excel® Basic

Key Focus Areas:

Getting to know Excel
• Learn how to work your way around Excel, its Backstage, Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon bar

Understanding OneDrive
• Learn how to use your Microsoft Account and OneDrive

Creating and Opening Workbooks
• Learn how to open existing workbooks
• Create new Workbook using Microsoft templates

Saving and Sharing Workbooks
• Understand how to save your workbooks and share them with other people

Moving around in Excel
• Learn how to move your cursor using the mouse and keyboard

Cell Basics
• Learn how to insert and delete cells, drag and drop cells, use cut, copy and paste functions

Modifying Rows, Columns and cells
• Learn how to modify rows, columns and cells

Formatting cells
• Learn how to change the font size, colour and text alignment for that professional looking spreadsheet

Check Spelling
• Learn how to use Excel’s spell check function

Working with Multiple worksheets
• Learn how to add, delete, copy and move worksheets in a workbook

Page layout and printing
• Understand how to use Excel commands to control the way your work will appear on a page and prepare for printing

Introduction to formulas
• Learn how to create a simple formula using cell references

Absolute vs Relative Cell References
• Learn what is an absolute and relative cell reference and how to use them in Excel

Freezing panes and view options
• Understand what the freeze panes option does and how to use the various views in Excel

Conditional formatting
• Learn how to apply conditional formatting, modify and delete conditional formatting rules

Sorting and Filtering
• Learn how to use the sort and filter features

Entrance requirements:

Delegates are advised to bring their own laptops, with relevant programmes installed to class, in order to complete the training


Two Days

Date(s) Programme Fee
25th May 2020 R1 500
3rd August 2020 R1 500
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning