Effective Minute taking

Key focus areas:

Understanding the role of meetings:

  • What should a meeting consist of and what it should achieve
  • Special types of meetings and the role of the secretary in the meeting
  • Familiarising yourself with the language of meetings

Organising an Effective and Productive Meeting:

  • Sending out the Notice of a Meeting
  • Suggestions for more productive meetings
  • Checklist of arrangements that need to be made
  • What you should take with you and where you should sit

Preparing a Working Agenda:

  • The Objective of an Agenda
  • Standard sections that need to be included
  • Headings and attachments that get people to think and prepare for the topic
  • Clearing the agenda prior to sending it out
  • Utilising agenda formats available in MS Word

The Procedure during a Meeting:

  • Check attendance, read previous minutes, motions, discussions and agenda points
  • Call in guests or specialists, brain storming and idea generation, voting and decision making, summarising and setting future dates

Identifying the Type of Minutes you are expected to take:

  • Verbatim Minutes (word-for-word)
  • Resolution Minutes (formal type meetings)
  • Narrative Minutes (telling the story of the meeting)
  • Action Minutes (for working groups etc.)
  • Meeting Terminology
  • How to record votes


1 Day

* This programme is only available for a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates

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