Customer Experience Management

About this programme:

For South Africa to be competitive in the global economy, creating customer-centric environments is critical for business success. Somewhat satisfied or partially satisfied customers are no longer a measure of success. This programme aims to discuss what Customer Experience Management (CEM) means and how it can lead to increased customer retention, increased customer loyalty, and increased customer value. In doing this, it would also result in increased business growth and profitability.

This programme is aimed at all staff who have an impact on the total customer experience. Since CEM is embedded in the culture of an organisation, it is important that all staff understand how they contribute, what differentiates good service from great service, what role listening and communication plays, how every customer interaction counts, whether the customer is always right, and resolving conflict and working with difficult clients. This programme not only deals with customer satisfaction skills, but it creates a culture of brand ownership where staff feel empowered to contribute to customer loyalty, retention and advocacy.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Understand the impact of the Customer Protection Act on Business
  • Communicate more effectively through active engagement with customers
  • See the value of using multiple feedback channels in tracking, analysing and measuring performance
  • Deal with conflict in a positive, proactive manner
  • Get a sense of competitive environments and the need for excellence
  • Contribute to customer retention
  • Differentiate between Customer Loyalty and CRM
  • Contribute to creating a culture where loyalty is so strong that customers are brand advocates

Key focus areas:

  • What a Customer Centric Environment means to You
  • Consumer Protection Act – It is the Law
  • Effective Communication – Written, Verbal and Non-verbal
  • Effective Telephone Manner
  • Engaging Face-to-Face Encounters
  • Multiple feedback Channels – Data, Analytics and Measurement
  • Do You Listen When Your Customer Speaks?
  • Resolving Conflict and Handling Difficulties
  • Understanding Your Customer’s Perception of Value
  • Selling in a Competitive Environment – The Need for Excellence
  • Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Retention and Attrition
  • Creating Loyalty, Not just CRM
  • Customer Advocacy, Creating Customers who Sell for You

Who should attend:

  • Back office staff such as administrators, coordinators, operators, accountants desiring to improve their own value proposition though Customer Experience Management
  • Front office staff such as receptionists, secretaries, sales executives, consultants, customer service professionals desiring to handle conflict, increase customer value and expand brand loyalty
  • Functional and Business Managers desiring to contribute to creating a Customer-Centric Environment


Two days

* This programme is only available for a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates

Start Date Programme Fee
Available on Request The programme fee will be determined based on the requirements
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UKZN Extended Learning