Applied Population Science Training and Research (APSTAR)

About this programme:

Are you involved in strategy, planning, budgeting or long term infrastructure development? How does population dynamics such as the birth rate, death rate, migration and movement and other socio-economic factors influence or affect your decision making? APSTAR may be the solution for you! APSTAR is the Applied Population Science Training and Research Programme of the School of Development Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The aim of APSTAR is to enhance the understanding of population issues in relation to the broader sphere of development challenges. This programme is carefully constructed by UKZN in partnership with the Department of Social Development and the United Nations Population Fund, and is designed for progression in the public sector.

How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Use basic demographic skills for better understanding of population dynamics
  • Use skills to understand priority research areas on population matters
  • Develop a capacity to undertake various sectoral development planning, incorporate population issues and challenges
  • Develop an expertise on integrating population priorities into development policies and programmes
  • Gain knowledge on the subject Population Studies that will enable you to enhance your career

Key focus areas:

  • Week 1: Introduction to applied population sciences
  • Week 2: Population & development interrelationships
  • Week 3: Basic demographic measures & population projections
  • Week 4: Integration of population issues into development 
policies, plans & programmes

Who should attend:

Definitely, especially if you are:

  • Responsible for integrated development at any of the three spheres of the government
  • Managing developmental and / or service delivery programmes
  • Responsible for development planning

Entrance requirements:

  • Minimum requirement of a Degree or Btech
  • A 68+% pass mark will provide access to the one-year Master’s 
programmes in Population Studies at UKZN


The programme is presented over an 8 month period. This includes (4) modules that are presented over (5) consecutive days each (1 week), as well as “take home“ assignments. Modules build on each other.

Date(s) Programme Fee
TBC 2019 R41 100
Course by:

UKZN Extended Learning