Social Media in the Workplace – Seminar hosted by UEL

24th February 2017

Sarah Haffenden

– by Bevan Bax

UKZN Extended Learning hosted a Social Media seminar facilitated by an expert in the field, Simon Grainger of BrandBright Consultancy. Simon gave an insightful presentation relating to various aspects of the topic ‘Social Media in the Workplace’. This included acceptable and questionable practices of social media in the workplace, and touched on some of the legalities surrounding the use of online platforms. The seminar was well supported with 60 delegates from various backgrounds and ages in attendance. All of whom were able to contribute and engage in the conversational nature of the discussion while being exposed to key videos that were shared relating to social media, both at a global and local level.

The Social Media course being offered by UKZN Extended Learning, Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy, commences on the 8th June 2017. It will encompass all the aspects touched upon in the seminar, promising to bring even the most novice people up to speed with regards to online platforms, for both individual and professional capacity.