Business Breakfast exploring Social Media in the Workplace

6th March 2017

Sarah Haffenden

We recently hosted a Business Breakfast at UKZN Extended Learning, focusing on Social Media in the Workplace. This session was facilitated by Simon Grainger, UKZN Graduate and founder of BrandBright Consultancy. Simon shared on the basics of social media in the workplace by looking into social media statistics, use of social media in the workplace, and SA Law regulations. Simon also looked at classic case studies, such as the Penny Sparrow incident, where Social Media implications have been damaging. He also touched on the positive outcomes of the use of social media in the workplace and how platforms such as Hootsuite have been designed to aid in sharing of company information on social media platforms.

The Social Media course being offered by UKZN Extended Learning, Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy, commences on the 8th June 2017. It will encompass all the aspects touched upon in the seminar, promising to bring even the most novice people up to speed with regards to online platforms, for both individual and professional capacity.