World Health Month: Better Health For All

17th April 2023

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Slindokuhle Mngomezulu and Ayanda Radebe

April recognises World Health Month with World Health Day celebrated on the 7th April with the theme health for all for this year. In celebration of 75 years of improving public health, the World Health Organization is campaigning for equality this year. The focus is not just about improving health care but making sure that everyone gets access to better and improved health care. According to Arlen Spector “There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset” which highlights that if we are in good health we can achieve anything, as well as the significance in working together in to create a better world for all.

Recovering from a pandemic that has drastically affected us all, we have learnt and witnessed the great divide in our health care facilities. We therefore encourage all individuals to take a stand and make the necessary actions to assist in improving the global health outcomes. Take a stand and help not only yourself, but the next person too in advocating for:

  • Accessibility, where healthcare facilities are available for everyone in the community, with physical location, disabilities and other factors considered.
  • Affordability for all individual seeking medical attention regardless of their financial status. 
  • Adequate quality and quantity, where medical treatments should meet the expected standards of excellence in terms of safety, effectiveness, and patient centeredness. Furthermore, sufficient supply of medical technologies, equipment, staffing and other resources to meet the needs of a patient.
  • Acceptability which includes factors such as the friendliness and attitudes of healthcare workers and cultural competence of staff.  

In 2023, together we can work in creating spaces bringing along the practicalities of advocating ‘health for all’.

Reference World Health Organization, 2023. Promoting the health of refugees and migrants.