Navigating the Essence of Leadership Skills

13th April 2023

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Ayanda Radebe

The idea of leading with impact is designed to guide leaders to lead their teams towards success in their respective organisations and make a positive difference within their communities at large. While some are “born” leaders, others need some help transitioning from managing oneself to managing a team. It is, however, always essential to regularly upskill and advance in the skillset and qualifications you possess as an individual.

On the 29th of March 2023, UKZN Extended Learning hosted its Managing for Impact Programme, which is designed to assist delegates in mastering themselves in a team environment and refine their personal leadership brand.

In entities building a successful team requires appropriate leadership skill qualities and a vision for the future that incorporates a sense of purpose and desire to make long lasting impact. The good influence you make as a team leader positively shapes the business at large and can be carried out from one generation to the next; which further promotes and builds a healthy working environment for the now and the future.

When managing a team, it is always essential for leaders to focus on the impact of their role. Leaders typically prioritise transparency, accountability, and effective communication with their team, stakeholders, and the public at large.

Throughout the duration of the Managing for Impact programme, delegates expressed a fair amount of their struggles of dealing with stress, managing and separating their personal and professional lives, as well as dealing with inappropriate communication amongst colleagues and fellow leaders. On reflection of the programme, one delegate expressed: “I have learnt the importance of leading without being entirely driven by emotions and understanding the significance of social adaptation, critical thinking and emotional intelligence”.

The delegates were given numerous practical tasks in which they had to exercise their communication skills amongst fellow colleagues, which further assisted them in learning to build trust, resolve conflicts, and promote a positive work environment that fosters cooperation and creativity.  

Managing comes with an enormous responsibility which may end up affecting one’s mental health. It is therefore essential for leaders to also learn how to deal with stress to avoid it affecting co-workers. Professor Maxwell Phiri closed off the programme highlighting the importance of developing strategies to manage stress in order to maintain good overall health and well-being.

The Managing for Impact programme covers more than just the theoretical practices but offers a different mindset than traditional management practices. Learning is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation, adaptation and improvement. UKZN Extended Learning aims to provide exceptional quality by providing both theory and practical exercises within the programme, which brews its delegates for the better and promotes healthier working environments.

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