The Importance of Integrity and Honesty

17th November 2022

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

Integrity and honesty have always been company values that UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) strives to uphold. As part of our company culture, we prioritise maintaining the integrity of the curriculum standards applied by the institution. UEL has adopted a higher education experience with honesty at the core and an updated learning methodology that gives its students a higher-quality learning experience. People who make the right choices can seem rare in a world dominated by people who make the wrong choices. Despite this, operating with integrity has been an essential part of our operations. Consequently, UEL has become known for this highly valued characteristic which enables those who graduate from the system to go forth and flourish in the working world.

Integrity implies living your life according to your deepest values, being honest with everyone, and consistently delivering on your promises. Leaders are especially admired for their integrity; this applies to the individual or organisations in their respective industries. Operating from a position of authenticity sets one apart from the rest while garnering the respect of peers. People working in such an environment must understand the importance of integrity, regardless of their role as employers. An organisation that lacks integrity in its respective industry will experience a significant challenge in retaining clients and stakeholders. Peers that are like-minded and appreciate participating in a system that is transparent about its ideals and meeting the expectation that comes with it, often perceive integrity as an invaluable treasure. However, it is even more valuable when it serves as a pillar for prosperity in a higher education context.

The expertise of UEL in executing and coordinating authentic programs that speak to the integrity of the institution it represents has led to the development and availability of customised programmes and malleable systems. To empower current and future change-makers, UEL transparently conducts its programmes by having peer-reviewed industry experts impart vetted knowledge. The content structure of our high-value programmes enables delegates to perform optimally in the workplace. Within an institution, integrity and honesty are mutually beneficial; and depending on the institution, may be initiated at varying levels. UKZN Extended Learning has been promoting these values since its inception and intends to maintain them in the future.