Inspiring Professional Journeys through Leadership

9th November 2022

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

The Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP), set to commence on the 28th of November, hosted an orientation for prospective delegates to delve into the programme’s expectations. The programme includes a guided reflection with a 360-degree approach to providing feedback and a tailored personal development improvement plan. The Senior Leadership Development Programme explores good leadership qualities. An essential part of being in a senior leadership role is convincing one’s peers of competency. Delegates will have the opportunity to use the skills gained and present to their peers in leadership to accumulate insights from individuals with a similar mindset, thus providing a broader perspective on leadership at a senior level.

In addition to developing and cultivating talent within their workforce, senior leaders are responsible for the performance and health of their organisations. Leadership in today’s business environment demands agile, diverse, and influential individuals who can positively influence teams and the business. To succeed, you must think creatively and possess excellent leadership skills. Getting this done requires being conscientious about processes and prioritising company goals. A successful company must have effective leadership because people respond to positive leadership.

This programme’s desired outcome is to empower delegates to take on real-life challenges upon return to the work environment. Leaders must be able to inspire their teams to produce the highest quality results, be transformative leaders, and inspire a shared vision in their respective industries and organisations. By being exposed to the different areas of leadership, delegates will learn about the traits and characteristics of effective leadership while gaining an in-depth understanding of corporate culture and leadership. The SLDP ensures that it caters to the challenges in leadership in a South African context concerning the world at large and maintains relevance by breaking down the barriers of leading across the generational divide.

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