Harmonious Workplace Relationships with Labour Law

30th September 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

Before the government implemented specific labour laws, employers’ ethics had guided workplace ethics, resulting in the unjust treatment of employees if employers acted unethically. In the past, the potential of employees being mistreated and exploited without recourse was more significant. The good news is that the implementation of labour laws has made those days a thing of the past. Employment laws protect employees’ rights in the workplace and ensure that they are treated fairly and are respected.

UKZN Extended Learning’s Certificate in Labour Law and Certificate in Advanced Labour Law programmes were designed to develop the skills of the South African workforce in the area of labour law. By providing this type of training and education, companies can ensure that they comply with labour law regulations. Employees who attend can better handle legal matters in their respective fields and improve their understanding of legal issues that may arise. Understanding labour laws as a business owner protects the company and the employee alike.

It is the purpose of labour laws to create a harmonious relationship between both employees and employers. The effectiveness of labour laws enables all parties to collaborate to meet company objectives. By creating an environment that encourages fair and respectful treatment, employees are more likely to work harder and produce better results which could contribute to the company’s success, amongst other contributing factors. When labour laws are implemented correctly, all parties feel secure in their agreement and commitment to the company. It also aids in defining agreements and guidelines to resolve issues effectively and with the least amount of conflict. It is more likely that employees will stay with a company that treats them fairly and appreciates their efforts.

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