Hear me out – Promoting Sign Language

26th August 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

Sign Language is a programme that UKZN Extended Learning offers to delegates who want to develop their practical knowledge and understanding of South African Sign Language to improve their communicative skills. This programme was inspired by the needs of the disabled community and to meet the government’s requirements for businesses to hire disabled employees. Delegates attending the programme will learn how to effectively communicate with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community upon completion of this programme. The purpose of this programme is to assist delegates in their attempt to achieve a sufficient level of language proficiency in South African Sign Language, to help them communicate effectively with the Deaf in South Africa.

Learning a new language can help get your brain in shape by stimulating and increasing its capabilities. Learning can improve your cognitive skills, creative thinking, brain functionality, memory, spatial awareness, as well as your mental rotation.

Getting to know a new language means getting to know the community, the culture and the people that use the language. By being able to communicate, you may also develop new relationships with individuals within the deaf community. Naturally, if you can converse fluently in sign language, you have overcome the communication barrier. Knowing sign language will also give you a better understanding of the challenges the community faces, and will assist you in better connecting with them.

By having the ability to communicate with Deaf members of your organisation, you will be helping them understand their job functions which will aid in their development within the working world. Sign language is a skill set that enables inclusion and promotes diversity in the workplace.

The upcoming intake for the Sign Language Programmes is starting on the 25th of October 2021. If you would like to secure your place or find out more information about this programme, please click here.

You can also contact us directly for more information:

Thobeka Malinga

T: +27 31 260 1853

E: MalingaT1@ukzn.ac.za