Enhance your CV with a Certificate in Business Administration!

7th June 2021

Sarah Haffenden

There are many benefits to completing a Certificate in Business Administration (CBA). Perhaps you are a new entrant to the workplace and feel the need to familiarise yourself with the way business works. Completing the CBA will provide you with an extensive overview of areas such as finance, computing, communication and basic management. Having a sound understanding of these essential business skills will improve your confidence in the workplace and set you up for success.

On the other hand, you may have extensive work experience but would like to back this up with a certificate. Upon completion of the CBA, you will receive a certificate accredited by the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). All short courses offered by UKZN Extended Learning have undergone quality assurance systems and mechanisms to ensure a superior programme is delivered. The CBA has been approved by the Council on Higher Education (CHE)/Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) and complies with all South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) regulations. The CBA would therefore be a suitable qualification that you can use to support your already extensive work experience.

The CBA is also beneficial to entrepreneurs who wish to get up to speed with the basics of running a successful business. This programme has also relayed much success to companies embarking on community development or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects, aiming to upskill community members to become self-sufficient and successful entrepreneurs.

The CBA programme comprises of four modules that are presented online across six weeks. Delegates are provided with a unique blended learning methodology that combines online access to subject content with real time engagement with facilitators, and the opportunity to add value through contact learning sessions, where feasible and appropriate.

Should you send a full cohort of a minimum of 20 delegates, this programme can be fully customised* to suit your organisation’s needs.

For more information on this programme, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact us directly as follows:

Open Programme:

Percy Sishi

T: +27 31 260 1234

E: sishis@ukzn.ac.za

Customised Programme:

Nashlene Maharaj

T: +27 31 260 1234

E: Maharajn@ukzn.ac.za

*Major changes could affect the programme fee, please confirm with us if there will be any fee changes beforehand