Guiding the entrepreneurs of tomorrow: Essentials for business start-ups

6th January 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

The entrepreneurship journey is not an easy one, strong business acumen and various other skills are a necessity to survive in the age of information. Building on your strengths and developing your areas of competencies are acquired through gaining knowledge as well as harnessing expertise through self-awareness. We recently hosted an in-house training on the ‘Essentials for business start-ups’ programme for the municipal officials within Nongoma Municipality. Having the knowledge of essential business skills helps with guiding the entrepreneurial mindset for success in any industry. Business start-ups are a key component of the economic ecosystem because of the innovation, job creation and competition it brings to the environment. Those that introduce new players to the market need to be well equipped in tackling the obstacles they may face on this journey. The aim of this programme is to empower those that possess the entrepreneurial spirit with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully run small businesses within their communities. Our facilitators assist with developing the fundamentals of business right from the beginning.

The incorporation of leadership, business and management skills are paramount for successfully launching and eventually expanding as well as improving their start-ups. The key focus areas cover self-reflective aspects in appreciating the entrepreneurship attitude and mindset; understanding the process model of opportunity; the business model canvas when mapping into a new venture, project management as well as business fundamentals of marketing to name a few.

Awareness of the essentials of business start-ups helps with making critical decisions in your business venture. Considering all the risks of certain decisions is effective in crisis management which could help with preventing unnecessary setbacks. As an entrepreneur, it is important to reflect often and be well versed on what your business is about in order to nip strategic gaps in the bud. Possessing the essential skills and proficiency helps with setting realistic objectives for your business and being able to comprehend insights over time through the guidance provided by this programme.

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