Emancipation from within to align with your dreams

21st August 2020

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

On the 11th of August 2020, we had the pleasure of Ms. Zinhle Mpungose (Executive Manager: Group Transformation & Change at Transnet SOC Ltd) presenting a segment of our Women’s Month Webinar Series. The discussion included the effects of mindset and consciousness on your aspirations. The lockdown has exposed many realities for South African citizens, to the point where some considered putting their health at risk by insisting on going to work under Level 5 and 4 restrictions as opposed to staying in the comfort of their own home. Amongst the plethora of challenges, we face as a country, you can’t help but notice the increasing cases of gender-based violence being reported due to perpetrators being forced to stay at home thus putting those victims at higher risk of being violated. According to ‘South African Women in Law’, “The South African Police Services received about 87,000 gender-based violence calls during the first week of the lockdown. This number included those who only expressed fears that the lockdown might worsen gender abuse incidences”. Physically taking individuals from less favourable circumstances is a task beyond most, but bringing about social awareness of such ills could encourage one to take the first step on the journey to emancipation from within which has been the centre of Ms. Mpungose’s presentation.

Recognition of your dreams is a transformative process. You need to acknowledge and establish what exactly your goals are, where you are going with these goals, and what is hindering you from reaching those goals. Mindset and consciousness are very important when seeking answers to these questions. Personal emancipation requires witnessing and comprehending human dynamics and moving away from the “elephant syndrome”. Consciousness is often moulded by values and beliefs that have groomed us into accepting and normalising certain things that we have been conditioned to believe are acceptable. Introspection and being aware of this can help reach a higher level of consciousness and sooner you will be able to do something about it.

Views and perception of life have made structural liberation even more difficult to obtain, after fighting for equal rights and making progressive developments, the mental chains remain the heaviest. Considering the various situations people have to deal with, it is relatively easy to remain in your comfort zone trapped by your thoughts. An outlook on life can have a significant impact on how you deal with challenges in life, especially with the crisis that is COVID-19. These challenges can lead to one having tunnel vision and being blind to the opportunities outside of the challenge they are currently facing. The manner of approach to life determines the outcome of liberation by making an active choice to find the silver lining.

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