Managers enhance their leadership skills through the EMP programme

24th June 2019

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Noluthando Makhaza

UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) specialises in the Continuing Education space which plays a crucial role in promoting lifelong learning across all spheres and in all professions. We recently hosted a group of delegates on the Emerging Managers Programme (EMP) second module, called Managing in Context. This was a continuation from the first module – Managing for Impact which took place a few weeks prior. The purpose of this training programme was to take delegates through the fundamentals of management, addressing competencies required for effective management and covering everything from the functional competencies required of a manager, to the more process orientated people management. 

The facilitation team was made up of distinguished academics, namely; Ms Navitha Sewpersadh who specialises in Finance, Mr Alec Bozas who lectured on Project Management, and Ms Jane Whittaker who taught on Business Communication. The facilitators’ teaching methods were coupled by practical simulations, creating a linkage between the theories taught in the classroom and the actual duties that the delegates perform in their respective managerial roles. The interactive nature in the classroom was certainly inevitable as the delegates showed interest in the topics and on how the facilitators presented these topics.

UEL’s focus is on active learning, sharing the best practices and implementing the practical applications and solutions for impact in the workplace. We hope that going forward, the new managers that attended the programme, will now lead with more confidence while effectively managing their teams, projects and time.

If you happen to manage a team and would like to improve your management capabilities, you can contact us for more info on this programme:

Mrs Venouasha Bahadur

T: + 27 31 260 8870