Leadership Development Programme within Higher Education

6th August 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Samantha Higgins

The Leadership Development Programme (Higher Education), provides an in-depth observation and study of the unique critical components that formulate the Higher Education sector. UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) recently ran the second module within the three-module structure, attended by groups of delegates from Public Sector organisations.

Speaking directly to a Programme Facilitator, the following key insights and learning outcomes were highlighted within the Programme:

Recognising that the landscape of Higher Education is an evolving one identifies the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) as a significantly relevant programme, especially in light of international developments. While South African institutions focus on re-curriculation and Afrocentric approaches to education, they also need to look at Eurocentric models and approaches to governance and leadership, to ensure their institutions of higher learning are focusing on international trends. Rankings within higher institutions is of paramount importance, therefore a major motivation is the pursuit of international relevance, resulting in progressive leadership through creation of new models and approaches and also finding the competitive edge in relation to private institutions.

The LDP explores Funding as a fundamental pillar of Higher Education Institutions. The key operative is financial autonomy and implementing sustainability models that address good financial management practices and governance. There is also the differentiation of funding to consider and the funding from DOE based on certain deliverables.

Performance Management Systems have been institutionalised and provides a key tool to regulate the performance of academics. The redefinition of Universities or institutions of higher learning is based almost exclusively on the funding of research and this puts a new spin on performance management.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is another key determinant of funding received for Higher Education institutions. The percentage of pass rates is dependent on Academic Monitoring Systems (AMS), implementing a robust M&E system with good support structures allows for monitoring and evaluation of our teaching to ensure results, and translates into funding.

In term of governance, ethical and legal issues, the LDP explores how and why Higher Education Institutions have spent a lot of time and energy corporatising their image, adopting business-like models, using business-like principles, ensuring that they subscribe to the financial regulations that govern public institutions.

The LDP is a multi-faceted programme comprised of three Modules, each running for three days over a 3-month period.

Our next start date for the Leadership Development Programme is 16 May 2019.

If you would like more information please click here to visit our course page, or contact Sindi Ndlovu  on Ndlovus1@ukzn.ac.za