French Goals

7th August 2017

Sarah Haffenden

– by Sam Higgins

The aspiration of learning to speak French, amongst course delegates was motivated by a variety of personal and professional objectives. Delegates included a professional business woman who frequently interacts with French colleagues from Reunion and Africa. A married couple who desire to converse with locals on trips to see family in Switzerland. A young woman who attends a multicultural church and amongst others a woman who is excited to have France booked as her next holiday destination.

The course facilitator, Jennifer Erasmus, completed a BA majoring in English and French, and has 14 years’ French teaching experience. Jennifer holds a French Honour’s degree and is currently working on her French Master’s degree. The key focus areas of the course include: Every day communicative language, the ability to understand, read, translate, articulate and write basic French.

Jennifer described the programme overview and objectives to delegates and highlighted further elements to set the tone for upcoming classes, including French music, unique French names for each delegate and an evening out to sample French cuisine.

The course runs for 12 sessions – 3 hours (evenings), one session per week over 12 successive weeks (3 months).

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