UKZN Management Training at Master Builders

25th August 2016

Johara Mansura

UKZN Extended Learning kicked off the Managing for Impact (MFI) course which took place at the Masterbuilders Association on the 22nd August 2016. Thirty-three delegates from UKZN attended the course which ran over three days. It was facilitated by Dr Shamim Bodhanya, Mr Vikani Funda and Dr Rosemary Sibanda.

Day one comprised largely of team building activities, group discussions, intellectual and thought provoking games and also role plays to emphasise and explain the significance of the VUCA principles (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) within a working organisation and global context. VUCA forms the foundation on which the principles of Managing For Impact lie.

To aid in the theory, day two comprised of individual body and mind techniques, various videos and TED talks that emphasised and explained the significance of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and personal mastery.  Topics covered over the three days included organisational simulation, managing complexity, reflective practice in leadership and the role of management and leadership in contemporary organisations using the MFI approach.

The programme was wrapped up with a Question and Answer session, and further networking opportunities.