Business Breakfast on Managing Diversity Within the Workplace

11th Aug 2016

Johara Mansura

UKZN Extended Learning hosted another of its popular Business Breakfasts on the 29th July 2016 at the Extended Learning offices. 

Guest speaker and facilitator, HR practitioner Raj Moodley delivered the address to the attendees, the topic of which focused on diversity and how to correctly manage such diversity within different working environments.  A harmonious working environment, beneficial to both employee and employer alike, can be achieved with the implementation of a management system which eliminates the differences found in a multicultural society.  This would result in higher levels of productivity for the organisation and the individual.  Simply put, managing diversity involves a balancing act of which employees need to be managed with respect to the interests of that individual person, while bearing in mind that of the employer’s interests which should also be observed in creating this aforementioned balance. Raj also spoke about the importance of inclusion and inclusiveness within the working world.

The breakfast concluded over networking.