Leadership Development Programme – Module One at a glance

16th March 2016

Johara Mansura


– by Bevan Bax

The Leadership Development Programme began on the 10th March 2016, opened by Mr Simon Tankard, CEO of UKZN Extended Learning and Professor Damtew Teferra, Director of Higher Education and Training Unit of UKZN. Delegates were encouraged to use the programme as a platform for change, both personally and organisationally. Professor Teferra discussed the Global Context in Education locally, nationally and internationally and set the context for Leadership in the Higher Education Sector.

Ms Seema Ramsewak explored personal mastery, people and performance management within Higher Education. Seema unpacked how one needs to know and manage oneself and obtain personal mastery in order to lead others successfully. Seema introduced the coaching and mentoring component, whereafter delegates met with their personal coaches.

The Finance, Funding and Budgeting module was led by Professor Damtew Teferra and Mr Bululani Mahalangu, CFO of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Delegates explored and debated the challenges in the Higher Education Sector, while discussing possible solutions.

The last theme for module 1 was Leadership and Management where Professor Pillay, Dean of Teaching and Learning in the College of Law and Management Studies, unpacked Theory U and Spiral Dynamics while inspiring delegates to explore and challenge leadership and management systems