MDP 6 Graduating Class of 2016

8th March 2016

Johara Mansura

-by Bevan Bax

The 6th Management Development Programme Graduation Ceremony was held at the Coastlands Hotel, and endorsed 29 graduands from various companies and organisations having successfully completed the programme.

Simon Maneli, the class representative reflected on the journey over the past 8 months, highlighting the future value formula the delegates learnt in the Financial Accounting Module, and applying it as a whole. The MDP taught delegates to come out of their shells, to recognise their value and self-worth, not only in the present, but with regards to the knowledge base delegates have accumulated and the future propositions, possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of then as a result of completion of the programme.

GSB&L representative, Prof Theuns Pelser reiterated on the importance of adaptability, and highlighted that we are all still learners, constantly being forced to adapt in order to move forward. He spoke of the advantages that one may have today, which might be replaced by the trends of tomorrow, and that to change and improve yourself, by, for example enrolling in a course such as the MDP, is essentially giving yourself a second chance.

The guest speaker, Claudette Sigamoney posed a question to the graduating delegates, asking what they thought the value add of being a UKZN Extended Learning graduate is, and how they could contribute to growing future leaders. With the new knowledge gained, she challenged delegates to go forward and encourage entrepreneurial development, in an effort to curb poverty, while simultaneously encouraging the use of human capital which UKZN has in abundance.

The final speech was by a LIV Village representative on receipt of a R5000 cheque handed over from the graduating class. The representative spoke of the process of life restoration, the central theme of the speech being “we do life”. This was an acknowledgment of the importance of education, and how intellectuals in whatever capacity have a special contribution to make in the development of society, enabling the foundation to educate children, thereby “raising a leader who had come in, once hardened by circumstances, and thereafter releasing a star”.

The evening ended off with a cocktail reception where graduates and guests were able to share their experiences and network.