Unleash Your Inner Athlete

31st August 2023

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Ayanda Radebe

National Sports Sampling Day is celebrated worldwide on the 241st day of the year to encourage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to be active and try out a new sport, to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The day is dominantly supported by an international organisation ‘2-4-1 CARE’ which supports children in sports. The day aims to provide a long-lasting impact on participants’ lives as regular activity is essential for maintaining physical and emotional health. It further allows individuals to make social connections and other benefits beyond sports. As individuals, we deal with various matters daily, which is easy to inherit without realising and can lead to stress, affecting our mental health. While sports are commonly known to help you stay fit, they also play a significant role in one’s mental health and emotional well-being. Sports provide a platform for individuals to challenge themselves in overcoming obstacles, develop self-confidence and improve mental capacity.

Sports play a vital role in teaching essential life skills such as teamwork, cooperation, communication and leadership. It, furthermore, plays an integral part in fostering relationships and building communities for the better, but more than anything else, it plays a vital role in teaching us dedication, commitment and discipline. These qualities can be transferred to one’s academic performance and professional success.

UKZN Extended Learning offers a Sports Science short programme, Certificate in Sports Science, targeted at qualified educators, and other sports professionals who want to upskill their current knowledge. The programme covers areas such as the elements of the human anatomy, introduction to kinesiology, introduction to human physiology, basic exercise physiology foundations of sport coaching, and others. Please click here for more information. Playing sports has proven to offer a great magnitude of benefits that go far beyond physical fitness. Whether it is on the field, track or at home with family, let us lace up our shoes and embrace the power of playing sports this National Sports Sampling Day!