Personal Management on a Global Scale

24th October 2022

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

On the 12th of October 2022, UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) hosted its Trade, Investment Promotion and Economic Development programme (TIPED). TIPED is an integrated pipeline of modules structured to help build the country’s export capacity, global strategic investment strategy, and ability to lead and manage investment inwards. This programme is designed to support South African pioneers in the world of trade while affording the opportunity to gain skills that could enhance the ability to lead and manage strategic and sustainable investment.

Many variables contribute to change management in the world of work. Many businesses desire global investments and the market to be open to the global community. Individuals in leadership within the trade and investment arena need to be fully capacitated to push the boundaries within their respective sectors. Some themes and trends dictate the trajectory of investment promotion, and these elements determine the next steps globally regarding trade. A change management strategy takes measures to mitigate such concerns, which is why a certain degree of resistance is expected when big changes occur. A significant aspect of change management is monitoring the performance of a business amidst the future world of work. Managing the transition of the work environment into a simpler and more agile structure is revolutionising the traditional way of working internally and externally. These changes impact all aspects of business conducted and how stakeholders view the business and its value in the future, thus affecting the level of investment.

Ms Thulisile Galelekile (Executive Manager Strategy and Operations, Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal) mentioned:

“This module is of particular interest to me because as we are in the process of looking at our mid-term review of the strategy which requires a change in terms of thinking and the approach that we have. Especially driven by all the things that have passed such as COVID-19 and the riots, that have had an impact on investor confidence. Thus, requiring a change in attitude and manner of approach. Learning about how to effectively measure performance is another interest of mine based on the current realities.”

To take on business challenges, trade and investment leaders need personal mastery. This leadership quality helps in guiding one’s approach to everything more consciously. Through the integration of personal mastery into an organisation, an introduction of new possibilities could arise. The world has shifted and organisations need to hold a competitive edge by adapting quickly, innovating, and being creative. An organisation cannot achieve its ultimate vision without a well-trained and inspired team. Creating a strong company culture can help mitigate the impact of current and future business challenges. To sustain a culture of growth and development, organisations must invest in the growth and development of their employees. Organisations that treat their employees as the most valuable part of their business will succeed in comparison to their counterparts that fail to do so.

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