Inspiring Greatness Through You!

8th September 2022

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

Client orientation is a company value that UKZN Extended Learning has prioritised since its inception. Even with the introduction of remote work, being client-oriented was further enhanced during the pandemic. Our company culture has incorporated this value as we understand the importance of taking delegate feedback into account and creating a curriculum relevant to the needs of the academic and professional community. An essential aspect of customer orientation is aligning your business with your customers’ needs. The ability to predict and adjust your focus to customers’ needs is a crucial part of the business strategy. Companies will be on their way to success by providing their target audience with the best possible experience by investing in various resources, value propositions and support. To stand out from the competition, UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) has adopted a customer-oriented higher education experience with a product that encompasses an updated learning methodology for a superior learning experience.

In everything that UEL does, our delegates anticipate functionality, features, services, and value-added elements. Developing an appropriate plan, identifying current issues, providing online user support, and delegate aftercare are all part of the process. Our delegate’s requirements are the foundation for everything we do. We consider our course evaluations and re-evaluate strategies based on how we can better cater our programmes across various demographics. Living in a multicultural society can present multiple challenges when trying to accommodate the customer’s needs. Customer expectations are critical to your organisation’s success regardless of the type of organisation. That is why feedback is such an essential part of the delivery of a client-oriented business.

UEL has a significant background in effectively implementing client-oriented strategies, which has resulted in the availability of its niche services and operations. Business and leadership are topics that are relevant in the global marketplace. As part of its effort to empower current and future change-makers, UEL has introduced programmes on the cutting edge of new development and with industry experts facilitating the knowledge exchange. Our high-value course content structure capacitates delegates to perform at their best in the workplace. There is a direct correlation between customer orientation and customer satisfaction, and organisations have a sense of control over their respective customer orientation initiatives. Monitoring and evaluating customer satisfaction are crucial to guide the degree to which efforts are made that would improve business processes.