Promoting Fun at Work

28th January 2022

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

Ideally, coming into work shouldn’t be a drag, especially with studies touting the importance of having fun at work. Almost all businesses now acknowledge that boosting levity makes people more productive. There’s no arguing that companies try to cater to the millennial, ‘gen-X’, and ‘gen-Z’ generation by promoting fun in the workplace. Companies who have embraced this idea and have set the example include Google, Twitter, YouTube, Nike and our very own Discovery Health Services. Many have criticised this and believe that the main goal of a business is to make profits, and if everyone is participating in recreational and stress-relieving activities, is this still possible? According to Harvard Business Review, people are drawn to positive work environments as they encourage a healthy atmosphere which is key to productivity.

Success in implementing fun at the workplace is not linked to how much money you to invest. The idea is to open minds to explore ideas and opportunities to help employees to be more successful and productive. People understand fun differently, but one thing everyone understands is the language of laughter. Creating a work environment that is fun can positively impact employee creativity, motivation and teamwork. It can also lower tension and unite colleagues during stressful times.

On the 28th of January, Fun at Work Day is recognised to encourage people to add some fun to their workday. Adding fun activities to the workplace is a great way to connect and bond with colleagues. This, in turn, can boost team morale and increase productivity. Fun at Work Day is a way to remind workers to break away from a routine that can become monotonous over time and have some fun.

Here are some tips from ‘Snacknation’ on how you can participate in fostering fun at work:

  1. Celebrate employee birthdays and milestones
  2. Encourage public recognition
  3. Start every meeting with a little fun with icebreakers, jokes or games
  4. Share a daily brain teaser (riddle, question, historical fact)
  5. Lift spirits with good music
  6. Encourage feel-good fun with wellness activities
  7. Introduce Game Days or Challenges
  8. Encourage conversations

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for few minutes, including you.”

– Anne Lamott