UEL caring for CROW KZN

28th October 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

This year UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) took the initiative to support the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife KwaZulu-Natal (CROW KZN) and its mission towards wildlife rehabilitation. This campaign was able to raise an amount of R 2000 and a collection of previously loved items donated by UEL staff and members of UKZN’s Innovation Centre. As an organisation, we thought it was important to support CROW KZN by contributing to their efforts of action and education when it comes to protecting, promoting and preserving wildlife and their natural habitats.

CROW KZN is involved in action and education to protect, promote and preserve wildlife and their natural habitats.

Taking care of wild animals takes a considerable amount of effort. The animals in need of care demand time, energy, and efficient resources to successfully be rehabilitated to be strong enough to be released into their natural habitat. We had the pleasure of receiving a guided tour of the CROW KZN facilities by Clint Halkett-Siddall (Operations Director) and Perfect Mabaso (Marketing Coordinator). During the tour, we had the opportunity to see the different types of birds in their aviary, troops of monkeys, tortoises, and mongooses. CROW KZN also offers the opportunity for the public to volunteer at the facilities to assist with taking care of the animals.

As a society, it is crucial to support interventions designed to assist causes such as CROW KZN. Nature and wildlife conservation are essential as every animal has a role in the ecosystem that keeps it balanced. The world is deteriorating as we speak with an increase in pollution, global warming and natural disasters. More species are becoming endangered at an alarming rate. Wildlife rehabilitation plays a role in restoring and repairing the damage caused by ensuring that the animals have a fighting chance and further contribute to the ecosystem. Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Let’s take care of our tomorrow, today.