Enhancing the Entrepreneurship Framework with Cataler South Africa

29th July 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

This year Cataler South Africa took the initiative to invest back into their community. They promoted enterprise development by partnering with UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) through an enterprise development programme aimed at expanding targeted community members knowledge in improving their respective businesses. This particular cohort targeted groups such as Black South Africans with disabilities, Black South Africans living in rural areas and military veterans. Enterprise development is an opportunity to give communities a platform to reinvest in the local economy. The programme is thus empowering and capacitating people to help them find a way out of poverty in the long run.

The modules covered in this programme encourage those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit to receive formal training facilitated by UEL to gain the knowledge and skills to run a small business within their communities successfully. Delegates will also better understand and analyse financial statements, structure and apply budgeting and forecast techniques, implement capital investments and plan around risk management. The aim is to help delegates develop management capabilities through understanding the key elements of entrepreneurship, finance and supply chain with detailed approaches. This programme also incorporates elements of leadership, business, and management skills with self-reflective aspects that would be essential for the delegate’s growth to launch and eventually expand and improve their start-ups successfully.

The main goal of the Designated Group Enterprise Development programme is to create sustainable businesses for groups that will eventually grow and lead to job creation, which, in turn, contributes to economic growth. At UKZN Extended Learning, the manner in which we conduct these types of programmes offers fresh and innovative ways of thinking strategically about enterprise development and sustainability. 

Any organisations that would like to invest in a similar initiative, please get in touch with our customisation team on the contact details below:

Nashlene Maharaj

E: maharajn@ukzn.ac.za

T: +27 76 790 8287