Women’s rights don’t have an expiration date!

4th March 2021

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

On the 8th of March, a very special day will be commemorated and that is International Women’s Day. According to the United Nations, this revolutionary movement was only recognised in 1977, and emerged from the activities of labour movements in the early period of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe.

Various women have contributed towards the movement throughout the 20th century such as ‘The Suffragettes’, Eleanor Roosevelt, Angela Davis, Barbara Walters and Correta Scott King to name a few. These women made waves either socially, culturally or politically. On this day, women from around the world should be recognised for their achievements, issues surrounding women’s rights should be raised and the fight for gender equality needs to be highlighted. The theme for International Women’s Day this year is ‘Choose To Challenge’, highlighting the change that has been made due to individuals choosing to challenge an oppressive system.

The colours that symbolise this day are purple, green and white. Purple signifies justice and dignity, green represents hope and white embodies purity. The colors originated from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the United Kingdom in 1908.

Human rights should be a matter that concerns everyone as they form the foundation of most societies so protecting them is vital. Until the lobbying of the gender parity gap is closed, there is urgent work that still needs to be done as a society.