Leadership of the future: the impact of coaching

10th Dec 2020

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

An impactful coach, mentor, or teacher is one you will not forget. Good leadership is something that has a lasting effect and is a contributing factor to employee growth. To unlock the potential hiding within people, a conducive environment is required for an overall healthy experience that encourages thought-provoking sessions. We recently hosted a webinar that focused on facilitating the healing and growth of people in the workplace, especially those in leadership by sharing the ‘Role of coaching in leadership’. The webinar assisted in navigating the idea of defining coaching and its competencies through self-awareness and aspects of guidance in leadership. In a stimulating and innovative process, coaching is working with people and empowering them to unlock their personal and professional ability to improve their potential on the road to success.

The facilitator went into depth on the Johari Window framework, emphasising the importance of possessing an understanding that would make it possible to recognise all the possible perspectives of a person. These are namely the open area, blind spot, hidden area and unknown. The conversation also encouraged the recognition of other aspects that may have been out of sight prior. This strategy can be a powerful way to help the coach and coachee realise that there is more untapped potential, prompting the investment of time looking for that dormant possibility. The Grow Model was also discussed, diving into the important role of coaching in leadership by addressing the important questions that need to be asked by the coach in establishing the way forward that is aligned with the goals set by coachee, and have been envisioned for development.

Harnessing the skills of coaching empowers leaders to better connect to those that they are mentoring. Overall, this translates into a higher standard of productivity in the work environment. Nurturing these relationships could bring out the unidentified strengths in a team as the leaders gain newfound insights. Coaching in leadership helps with eliminating narrow-minded thought processes and will groom leaders into being more accepting of fresh and new ideas from different perspectives. Thus, assisting with developing new strategies that cover any shortcomings from the traditional one-dimensional process.

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