The new Blended Learning approach

29th Jun 2020

Sarah Haffenden

Due to the changing working world and the introduction of precautions against the coronavirus, a shift has occurred in most business models, that now have to adapt to survive in this new world of social distancing. For the education sector in an African context, this is a very hard shift to adjust to. The shift to online has been most difficult for children and disadvantaged schools, that not only do not have the resources to produce or stream online, as private schools do, but also provide an environment to thrive on interaction while learning. Adults luckily have better attention spans and can more easily adapt to online under the circumstances.

For fully online education organisations, the change in trying to accommodate the influx of interest is good for business. For the many educational organisations who rely on face to face interactions, this change is a new challenge that we at UEL are going to embrace.  

At UEL, we provide all the short courses on behalf of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, we provide training for adult learners and advocate the face-to-face interaction that is found in a classroom setting. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, we understand that we need to change our business model in order to adapt and survive, however we still need to provide the personal experience for every delegate that attends our courses. We have to shift to an online learning approach, however, unlike most pure online courses, we have decided to offer a blended learning approach. Where pure online courses offer previously recorded course content, we will also be providing live interactive sessions that allows for content to be personalised based on the delegates in the classroom.

Our Learning Methodology will offer a unique blended learning approach, which combines online access to subject content with real time engagement with facilitators. Where feasible and appropriate  we will also offer voluntary contact sessions that will allow the opportunity to add value to the online content. Overall, we aim to provide courses that positively impact delegates and are implemented back in the workplace.

To learn more about the blended learning courses on offer, please take a look at our revamped 2020 Portfolio of Programmes here.

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