Expanding knowledge and practical skills in Forensic Investigation

30th March 2020

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

With the increasing crime statistics in South Africa, the equity framework is committed to direct value in a powerful and proficient way. Forensic investigations play a significant role in the criminal justice system by providing the intricate details of an investigation through the analysis of physical evidence. In order to ensure that such lengthy procedures and complex techniques are facilitated accurately, competent and knowledgeable professionals need to be appointed. This is achieved through the Certificate in Forensic Investigation programme facilitated by UKZN Extended Learning. In the duration of this the twelve-day training process, we make sure our delegates expand their knowledge and practical skills in forensic investigations. The groups vary in diversity and the programme is suitable for students interested in developing practical skills in forensic investigation.

This programme was facilitated by a team of highly skilled facilitators who possess practical skills and extensive knowledge of the industry in addition to being established academics in the field of forensic investigations. The facilitation team consisted of Mr. Shaun Kruger and Magistrate Alisande Bradshaw. The key focus areas consisted of Basic Legal Concepts; Basic Accounting Concepts and Forensic Auditing; Specialised Forensic Investigation Techniques; Civil and Criminal Trial Processes; Rules of Evidence as well as Forensic Report Writing. This programme allowed our delegates the opportunity to be exposed to substantive, practical and ethical aspects of forensic investigation. They left the programme having understood and will be able to apply the key concepts which will result in a positive impact in their work environments.

Sharing his experience with us, Mr. Ongiziwe Lukhozi, who works for SVB in Pietermaritzburg stated:

“The programme has been very informative. In addition, the interaction between delegates has made it interesting. We have been able to help each other with our different strengths and various professional backgrounds thus learning more from the individual experiences. The facilitators have also had a significant impact to the process, their style of teaching and knowledge enhanced my experience and I am looking forward to implementing what I have learnt. I would suggest this training to companies in the financial sector or even civil servants that work in our justice system.”

Over the past eight years UKZN Extended Learning takes pride in being the home of high quality programmes taught by academics and industry experts thus offering the finest skills development training programmes. As a business that values empowerment and self-development, we make sure our clients take that step forward in reaching new heights.

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