What you’ve always wanted to know about our Project Management programmes

23rd October 2019

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Noluthando Makhaza

Due to the frequently asked questions on our current Project Management (PM) programmes, we have asked one of the PM facilitators, Mr Mondli Mbambo, to answer a few questions on the difference between the basic and the advanced programme, as well as how emotional intelligence is related to PM.

What is Competent Project Management (CPM)?

CPM is mainly for beginners, delivered within three days and covers basic concepts and principles of project management. However, the three-day course is quite intense on its own and gives delegates that sense of accountability when they return to their workplace.

What is Advanced Project Management (APM)?

APM is delivered over 12 contact sessions, and is deeply concentrated as it covers almost all aspects of PM, starting from how projects link with strategy, further going into detail on all ten knowledge areas, including how to manage: project scope, integration, schedules, cost, quality, risk, communication, procurement, as well as stakeholders. APM focuses  on all the aforementioned areas as well as the five process groups that take place when managing projects, namely; initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing of projects.

Can a delegate start with APM without having completed CPM first?

If delegates have not done CPM at a foundation phase but already have practical experience on project coordination and management, they can definitely cope with APM.

Who would you recommend PM to?

Project management can easily be referred to as a way of life, and everyone needs project management simply because even life itself is made up of numerous projects, i.e looking for new employment, seeking promotion, planning for a birthday party, and preparing for a wedding. Hence, PM is highly recommended to individuals who aspire to or are currently working with projects, either on a personal and/or professional scale.

How does emotional intelligence (EQ) relate to PM?

EQ doesn’t only relate to PM. It is a technique that plays a very significant role in terms of being better when working with others, better in managing relationships, and being better at understanding others. It is factored into PM because when one works through projects, they are basically working with people, and whatever results produced – they are gained through people engagements. So it’s imperative for project managers to understand their individual project team members, more especially their state of mind. Primarily because how one feels has a lot to do with the quality of outputs and the quality of deliverables that will be produced at the end of the day.

The essence of EQ is to place empathetic individuals (as opposed to sympathetic) as project managers/leaders. Leaders who will put themselves in the shoes of their team members and be able to lead with understanding, rather than leading from a place of dictatorship.  

Our PM programmes have been designed to provide delegates with sufficient contemporary project management skills in order to allow them to be efficient in managing resources and time when working on projects. Whether you require basic or advanced knowledge and skills, UKZN Extended Learning provides the best learning experience, facilitated by industry experts, who will equip you with the latest tools and techniques, not only on how to manage projects, but on how to apply emotional intelligence while managing interpersonal relationships in order to get the best results in project execution.

For more information on our project management programmes, please contact:

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