GENTS was the key word at our recent Wellness breakfast!

26th August 2019

Sarah Haffenden

We recently hosted a group of clients at a business breakfast centered on Wellness at the Ascot Inn in Pietermaritzburg. The topic was Reaching your Wellness and Self Preservation: A Guide to Fitness, Nutrition and Self-Preservation, and was delivered by Dr Edwin Perry. Dr Perry is the owner of KMT Fitness and Therapy and has an array of experience in the areas of sport, fitness and family services.

He provided tips on:

  • self-defense, that would provide useful when  in a dangerous situation
  • remember the acronym GENTS-this stands for Genitals, Eyes, Nose, Throat and Shin, which are all sensitive areas to strike when trying to ward off an attacker. Some volunteers were even called up to assist in demonstrating these newly acquired techniques
  • unwanted advances in the workplace through the use of verbal and non-verbal cues
  • overall nutrition, and that having a healthy body and healthy mind can aid in protecting yourself from potential violence

The session was a success with attendees taking back valuable lessons.

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