Effective report writing – the key to successful business communication

29th May 2019

UKZN Extended Learning

– by Noluthando Makhaza

Have you ever wondered why some people get better results in the workplace? Their projects seem to progress, their teams work more effectively, they have more promotions and preferred assignments, and managers and clients love them. The answer is probably something less expected – excellent business communication skills. In the opinion of W. H. Meaning, “The exchange of ideas, news and views in connection with the business among the related parties is called business communication”.

Employees from Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) recently attended a two-day Effective Report Writing training programme, which forms part of Business Communication. The ability to communicate effectively, through report writing, with superiors, colleagues and staff is essential, no matter what industry you work in.

Facilitating this learning process, both theoretically and practically was Mrs. Jayne Whittaker. Jayne covered two core modules, namely; Effective Report Writing and Presentation Skills which each consisted of various sub-sections. Delegates worked in pairs and were given the opportunity to report on their work as well as showcase their presentation skills from what they had learnt during the training.

“This really had some serious bantering going on amongst participants. The feeling in the room was that each team was trying to outdo the other. The inter-activity between pairs was amazing and at times it was hilarious.  Again, the group was treating the exercises as if they were in a competition. This really made all sit up and pay attention to what was being said and done”

– said Jayne while sharing her experience with us after the training.

The overall training was effective as delegates left feeling empowered and looking forward to applying all the knowledge and skills gained from the training session.

It is crucial for workers in the digital age to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively convey and receive messages in person, during meetings, as well as in writing, either via email or on documents. If would like to enroll and enhance your business communication skills, or would like us to customise a programme similar to this in order to meet your organisational needs, please contact:

Nashlene Maharaj

E: Maharajn@ukzn.ac.za

T: +27 31 260 3711