Strategic and sustainable investments are fundamental for a growing economy

22nd Oct 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Noluthando Makhaza

One of our highly specialised open programmes – Trade, Investment Promotion and Economic Development (TIPED) recently ran where delegates from both private and public sector attended. This programme is designed to provide a seamless pipeline to build South Africa’s capacity to lead and manage strategic and sustainable investment, both inwards to the country and in building the country’s export capacity to global markets, in line with the strategic goals and objectives of key stakeholders.

Facilitating on the first block session was Mr Bruce Alison – a well experienced Independent Strategy adviser and Ms Lesley Wentworth who is an expert in investment research and Foreign Direct Investment Promotion. Bruce’s focus areas included themes such as Strategic Issues and Economic Growth Imperatives; Competitive Markets and Service Delivery; and Global and Regional Economic Planning and Development. Whereas Lesley focused on the role of Investment in Strategic Projects, Partnerships and Value Chains; Investor Decision-making for Long Term Value as well as Supply and Value Chain Management.

The importance of this programme in promoting trade and investment within the country during the current economic pressures is in line with our president’s goals of increasing trade. Speaking at the BRICS Business Forum in Sandton, in July, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the full trade potential between the five BRICS countries has not yet been met. He further noted that South Africa is open for investment and there is a need for value-added trade between the BRICS countries. He stated:

“There’s also much scope to expand the value of trade between BRICS countries themselves. As a country that’s primarily an exporter of commodities to its BRICS partners, South Africa supports a shift towards complementary value-added trade.”

Similarly, TIPED also focuses on the stated strategic plans which are included in the National Development Plan. These provide the delegates with a useful benchmark against which to assess progress being made in the country’s economy with the contribution of key stakeholders. This assists delegates to link theory with the practical economic state of the country and their respective companies.

TIPED is highly customised to provide relevant and rigorous high level, experiential learning to understand the context, the processes and systems as well as the content consisting of new knowledge and best practice that is critical in ensuring successful economic growth and developing strategic investment for our country.

TIPED is a 10 day programme run in 5 block sessions of two days each in both Durban and Johannesburg. If would like to enhance your trade and investment competencies in both local and international environments, then this programme is for you. For more info on our next intake, please see below:

TIPED Durban