Closing the project management gap

25th September 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Noluthando Makhaza

Any project exists in order to achieve objectives that are measurable and contain key performance indicators that can be used to assess a project’s success. These indicators will often encompass areas such as budget, quality, and time to completion.

Facilitating on our recent Competent Project Management (CPM) class, Mr Mondli Mbambo stated that he is a Project Manager by choice and not by chance. He has worked with various consulting firms as their Project Management Specialist and has been facilitating Project Management programmes for over 11 years. He sees lecturing as the strategic platform to share real life case studies on various projects that he has worked on.

The delegates who attended the programme emanated from various career backgrounds such as Health Sciences, Human Resources, Engineering, SMEs as well as Academia. Sharing her experience with us, Ms Shantel Sewnarain from Transnet Port Terminals, said that this three day short course has imparted practical project management knowledge and skills in both her career and personal life which will assist her to better manage various projects when she returns to work. She stated:

“My overall experience on this course has been absolutely amazing. The course content was very adaptable. The facilitator used a lot of practical examples as he is very knowledgeable in the industry. He engaged well with the people, made each one of us feel comfortable and part of the team. He created a very conducive learning environment altogether.”

We are looking forward to hosting all those who are interested in the CPM programme on our first 2019 intake on 27th March. Please click here to learn more and/or register.