Networking Sessions at LeaderEx: Lifelong Learning explored

19th September 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Noluthando Makhaza

In a world where information is easily accessible and opportunities are not only presented but created by individuals and institutions, proactivity is fundamental. In order to proactively showcase our programme offerings, we were recently part of Africa’s largest gathering of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs – LeaderEx. LeaderEx is an annual event which took place in Johannesburg, Sandton on 4th September 2018 this year. This event was an opportunity to challenge conventional thinking and learn from respected CEOs and thought leaders. Participating as an institution has allowed us to reconnect with our alumni as well as reach out to our current delegates and potential new clients.

Delegates attended for various reasons including engaging in peer-based learning; gaining practical knowledge and actionable insights; and also to keep abreast of the latest digital trends.  This conference offered approximately 250 masterclasses where 500 guest speakers shared their expertise on a number of topics such as digital leadership; financial planning; career advancement; female SME; and learning and development. During the latter masterclass, discussions stemmed around the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on learning as well as lifelong learning. Guest speaker Puleng Makhoalibe had this to say regarding this:

“This era of the forth industrial revolution is presenting to us an opportunity to begin to explore our truer selves and creativity. Gauging your impact in your workplace is as important as asking yourself those crucial questions about your talents – things that you do effortlessly while bringing in your energy, creativity, life story, personality, intuition, passion, initiative and past experiences. We can only bring in our best when we begin to do what we love while exploring with our talents.”

As a higher education and training institution we pride ourselves in the programmes that we offer as they promote lifelong learning. It is never too late nor are you too old to learn a new skill. Every element of your personal and professional journey contributes to your education.

Attending events and engaging with our stakeholders nationwide is part of our mandate and later this month, 27-28 September 2018, expect to engage with us at the National Conference hosted by the CCMA.