Business breakfast for NLC Women in Leadership

7th September 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Noluthando Makhaza

Ladies from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) – Durban office, wrapped up their women’s month in an impactful manner as they were part of a Business Breakfast aimed at empowering current and future women leaders. The two-hour session was facilitated by our guest speaker Vani Moodley who is the Chief Executive at Vani Moodley & Associates (Pty) Ltd – a global enterprise and leadership training and development company, with twenty five years of experience in the SME, Leadership and Management development sectors.

Vani touched on important, yet relevant topics where she encouraged the ladies to not just be good at what they do but to rather be the best. She stated:

“If you want to have a competitive edge and become the best, you have to become a specialist in your field, be it engineering, hospitality, finance, marketing and so forth. You must come to terms with the fact that nothing is forever and whatever you do must be for the long term and future sustainability”.

Vani also shared her life stories to which most women could easily relate, which made the session exciting and more interactive. Her approach was broad in the sense that she did not only bring about workplace challenges and solutions but also social, personal and family orientated ones. She then stressed the importance of networking seminars, support groups and action forums led by women in order to challenge the implementation of legislation and policies protecting women in our country.

Are you informed about the latest news? Do you understand the political, economic, environmental and technological issues around you? Are you aware of all the opportunities available for women locally and globally? And, are you always striving to do your best while creating more women who are greater than you in your field and/or social circle? If you answered no to any of the questions above, be sure to register for the Impactful Leadership for Women programme at UKZN Extended Learning which focuses on developing leadership practice and gives women leaders the tools to increase their leadership impact and visibility in a predominantly male environment.

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