Sales vs. Marketing – Explored on the MDP

28th August 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Samantha Higgins

Strategic Marketing Management launched with an energetic debate surrounding the definitions and contrasts of the two giants; Sales and Marketing (Module 2 – Management Development Programme – MDP).  Delegates had strong opinions from both camps: “Selling is your target, Marketing is your strategic plan to get there” and “Sales brings in the money and Marketers spend the money.”

Professor Dave Beaty, expanded on this, highlighting opinions that Sales and Marketing people have of each other. Some sales people believe Marketers are removed from the face to face reality of Sales and some Marketers wonder why Sales people promise such over-extended unachievable solutions. Delegates received a case study prior to the start of this module in preparation of this discussion.

Conflict between Sales and Marketing is an incumbrance to business success, more importantly it is how a business addresses and manages this conflict that allows a clearance to collaborative working methods. Delegates were presented with a scenario, and the objective was to reach 100% agreement regarding the outcome. A vote from delegates made it instantly clear that everyone had conflicting answers, and the discussion became animated as ‘spokespeople’ presented creative solutions to persuade their peers to change their vote. The resounding question was evident: How do we solve this huge conflict of opinions?

Insights from Professor Beaty ensued, touching on key consideration points including trust, naïve listening methods, seeking to understand before being understood and suspending assumptions, to name a few. Crucial tools that focus on the issue at hand and not the person, or emotions, possibly leading to repetitive resistance. “In managing conflict, Sales and Marketing need to agree as a starting point”. Delegates paired up and were given a practical exercise to enact, demonstrating the very conflict we don’t anticipate, until a circumstance arises. Through this exercise delegates were prompted to take the time and think about themselves and their actions, and then consider one way to improve their behaviour when faced with future situations involving conflict.

Professor Beaty is one of the facilitators for the MDP Programme, he is the Director of Beaty and Associates Training and Consulting Firm, and has taught on MBA and Executive Education Programmes at all levels of management, in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The MDP Programme is comprised of several Modules including; Management and Leadership, Management Strategy, Financial Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management and Strategic HR Management.

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