Effective Team Building customised for National roll-out

26th June 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Samantha Higgins

UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) offers collaborative partnerships with companies and organisations seeking personalised training programmes. Through discussion and research, tailored and pertinent content is designed, approved, built and delivered, in alignment with the nature of the business. The customisation of training can effectively have greater impact on delegates due to the invested structuring and specific outcome sought by an organisation.

‘Effective Team Building’ held recently at our Innovation Centre, in Durban, was a customised programme, specifically developed for a department within a national organisation. The intended purpose of this programme is to develop and encourage positive team dynamics which can be sustained to support a healthy, productive work environment, and maintain a good life-work balance. Apart from the core customisation for this group, the programme included a pre-assessment exercise and post-programme feedback report on the programme dynamics, from the delegates’ perspective.

Due to the success and positive impact of the Effective Team Building programme, the client’s feedback included the aspiration to relay the programme to all regions nationally. UEL worked jointly and precisely with key stakeholders across the organisation to test logistics and implement the delivery of this second phase, which is currently running in the Eastern and Western Cape regions.

If your organisation or company would like further details on our customisation of courses and programmes, please contact our Sales Execs:

Yashna Sookoo (SookooY@ukzn.ac.za)

Sindi Ndlovu (Ndlovus1@ukzn.ac.za)