Strategic Marketing Management, Coaching & Online Business Simulation: The focus of MDP Module 2

3rd May 2018

Sarah Haffenden

– by Calvin van Doorn

The facilitator who anchored module 2 of the Management Development Programme was Professor Dave Beaty and he covered Strategic Marketing Management. A few key topic areas included Formulating Strategic Marketing Plans, Strategic Marketing and Customer Value, Targeting Strategic Markets, Industrial Marketing, Executing Marketing Strategies and Strategic Marketing – The Power of Brands.

Coaching took place on Friday afternoon. The delegates met their respective coaches for the first time and started with their Personal Development Plan (PDP) on which they will work on throughout the programme.

Saturday afternoon was reserved for the Online Business simulation that was introduced and conducted by Lew Roberts and Gary Ralph. The simulation puts the delegates into a real life scenario in which they need to start a business, manufacture and market products, expand and ultimately obtain a bigger market share than the other groups.