Leadership Development Programme – Polokwane

28th September 2016

Johara Mansura

The Leadership Development Programme commenced on the 5th September 2016 and ran over five days. Sixty-four delegates attended the programme in Tzaneen, which was held at the Karibu Leisure Resort and Conference. The delegates were all Circuit Managers from in and around Polokwane.

The facilitators consisted of Mr Samuel Njenga, Mr Vikani Funda and Mr Alec Bozas.

Among the many practical orientated activities enjoyed by delegates over the five-day duration, the importance of communication skills was relayed and emphasised to them using the SOLER principle. SOLER stands for, S- square on, O – open stance, L – lean forward, E – eye contact, R – respond. The delegates were then divided into two groups and had to practically apply these principles in a class exercise in order to see the efficacy of the training and to make it meaningful.

This was the second and final block session for this customised Leadership Development Programme.